To immediately find the right person in a large organisation is a recognizable and difficult problem for each organization. Almost nobody knows exactly which person has which expertise, certainly not the receptionist. Irion’s ExpertFinder can solve this problem. ExpertFinder learns about all the expertises in an organisation within just a few days, and will route users effortlessly to the right expert, both by telephone and via the Internet.


ExpertFinder is designed for organisations employing many people with different skills and expertises, particularly in situations where customers are allowed to contact these experts directly. But ExpertFinder is also very useful when experts have to be found internally. With ExpertFinder people in a large organisation can quickly trace expertise within their own organisation, and contact the relevant experts.


Irion ExpertFinder is available as a webservice via the Internet. The service can be connected to your own network and infrastructure via the API, or with a separate user interface that can be tuned to the requirements of your organisation. ExpertFinder even comes with an extension to enable speech access, so that your customers can use the system by phone.


Insight in your expertises

Make a more efficient use of the expertise

The collective knowledge in organisations is often substantial but hidden. ExpertFinder will chart both the expertises and the accompanying experts.

Fast and accurate

Service your target groups as well as possible

With ExpertFinder, customers with a specific request don’t have to wait long anymore before they get connected to the right person. Instead of having to wait for an e-mail response or a call-back phone call ExpertFinder will respond immediately. This enormous increase in speed will improve your customer’s satisfaction.

Natural language

Make things easy for your customers!

ExpertFinder allows the user to pose his question in natural language and in any way he wants. Het systeem will analyse the query linguistically and automatically refer to the most relevant person of persons in your organisation: those will best be able to understand the question and respond adequately to it.


Reduce your knowlegde maintenance costs drastically!

ExpertFinder is self-learning, which means that the system improves automatically, making use of the language of both end users and experts.

Always available

Be always available for your target groups

Being a fully automated system, ExpertFinder is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which brings back a user’s “helpdesk frustration” to a minimum.