Irion Technologies was founded in 2000, as a spin-off from TNO, Europe’s second biggest independent research company, located in the Netherlands. In the late nineties TNO had become one of the international key players in intelligent information handling, and proved that natural language technology would be the next big step on internet.

About Irion

With their balanced combination of natural language technology and advanced IT techniques, developed and tested over many years, TNO provided Irion with the necessary means to get a glorious head start and take a prominent place on the language technology market.

Irion provides products, services and projects that add significant value to any organisation interested in getting a better, and more profitable access to their target groups.


Despite the enormous amount of information available on the web today, only a fraction of it reaches the target groups at the right place and moment. Irion Technologies wants to contribute to the accessibility of knowledge and information in the Internet.

By using Language Technology as the most important instrument, Irion not only improves the business processes of their customers and helps them saving costs and generating additional turnover, but also helps making the Internet a better information repository for everybody.


Irion Technologies heeft zich bij de oprichting in 2000 de missie gesteld haar technologie waar mogelijk in te zetten voor de duurzame samenleving. Dat heeft geresulteerd in een aantal projecten voor het ontsluiten van duurzame informatie, de meeste in samenwerking met MOOI Informatiebeheer. Momenteel beheren Irion en MOOI Informatiebeheer samen het portaal Bezoekers kunnen hier met Irions dialoogsysteem vragen stellen over de eigen leefomgeving. De antwoorden zijn afkomstig van talloze Nederlandse websites en door MOOI verzameld in een wiki.


Irion is looking for specialists in Language Technology, Machine Learning, Information Extraction and Semantic Web, with excellent programming skills. As a specialist in any or more of these disciplines you are an important member of our development team, which designs and develops innovative applications for our customers.

Within the range of programming languages we use, Java is the most prominent, but C++ skills are welcomed too. You are used to OO programming, and you have a large experience in working in commercial environments.


To enable a rapid, efficient and high quality for our customers, Irion works together with several partners. Each of them have complementary services and products that combine smoothly with Irion’s core technology.