Dialogue is Irion's chatbot for companies that receive a lot of specific questions from customers, but lack the time and manpower to answer them properly. For customers, Dialogue is the alternative to the search engine that does not want to understand the question, Dialogue does understand.

Chatbots are hot. But usually they are no more than search engines with a talking figure. They can talk but not listen. Irion's chatbot is much more intelligent, because it is equipped with natural language technology. In case of an unclear question, Dialogue will ask the customer a question in return, until a relevant answer has been found.


Dialogue is meant for organizations who use the internet as an important way to communicate and help with their customers, and is particularly helpful with consumer-oriented organisations. The dialogue system offers organizations a professional, “self-help” solution, which saves valuable time as well as money. Additionally, customer satisfaction and loyalty are greatly increased when users are led quickly and accurately to pertinent information.

In addition to the version for website visitors, the program also has a version for helpdesk employees. While the agent serves the customer by phone or email, the program shows him the possibly relevant answers. As a result, the employee can work a lot faster and sharper.


Dialogue works like a two-way conversation. On your website, the customer gives the 'virtual web assistant' a question, some individual words or even a story. With enough information, the assistant will immediately present related answers and check if they are correct. If that is not the case, he/she asks the customer a question in a friendly manner, until a usable document is found.

The internet now has many chatbots, but hardly any of them can really 'chat' with the user. Dialogue can do that. That's because the system is based on natural language technology, a form of artificial intelligence that enables a computer to understand language. Moreover, Dialogue – just like humans – is self-learning, so that it is constantly improving. This also makes the solution cheap and quick to implement: after initial training, your organization can get started with the program itself. Without anyone having to worry about it, the program gets better every day.



Drastically reduce maintenance costs

The more people who have had a dialogue on your website, the better the results will be – without you having to do a thing. Every time a user finishes a query and reports their answer satisfaction, the system is then trained with their query

Language Technology

Understand your customers

Dialogue is provided with language knowledge. The web assistant can therefore ask smart counter questions until it 'understands' the customer and can give the correct answer. Dialogue is therefore not a search system, but a program that is really capable of conducting dialogues.

Multi-user functionality

No more phone queues

Set up as a multi-user server, Dialogue is indefatigable and can handle many conversations at the same time


Increase your information range and clientele

Increase revenue by reaching users who speak other languages. Dialogue currently works with six languages – Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – to give you a broader access to a diverse client base!

Always available

Stay in contact with your target group

Unlike many call centers, the dialogue system is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – with no queue or added cost. Reduce frustrating calls to your help desk and continue helping users outside business hours at virtually no cost!