Antwoord! (Reply!) a Dialogue-based chatbot

For many municipalities, Irion has made the municipal site accessible with Answer. With this program citizens can ask a question to an intelligent web assistant, for example about a parking space for the disabled. The assistant then directs them to the correct web page about, for example, the disabled parking space. If necessary, the chatbot will start a conversation to clarify the question.

To manage the application, Irion has a wiki . Civil servants can add, modify or delete information herein. This is also where the keywords are created according to which the information is ordered. The chatbot uses this ordering to guide citizens through the file.

The Aarhus Directive

Irion has made information available for a number of municipalities in the context of the Aarhus Directive. According to this European directive, every government must make all documents relating to the living environment clearly available to its citizens, without the latter submitting a request. Irion has used the so-called Aarhus test for civil servants. This allows you to determine whether a document is subject to Aarhus obligation based on automatic classification . For citizens looking for a document, there is a free keyword search via Irion's language technology, or the intelligent chatbot Answer! (search in dialogue form).

Government and semi-government

Editors and Publishers