Together with partner Morphis Irion developed a special version of Dialogue: Knowledge Box. This system combines Irion’s dialogue system (the intelligent chatbot’s kernel) with an intelligent process manager. KnowledgeBox not only gives answers to the user, but also handles requests! An example may clarify this. When a user wants to know the procedure for extending his driving license, KnowledgeBox not only informs him about the procedure, but also actually takes care of the complete treatment of the request.


KnowledgeBox is meant for specific situations whereby not only a correct answer to a user’s question is required, but also an automated process that follows up the user’s request. In this way KnowledgeBox is a complete customer care solution: inasfar as possible the system will try to understand what the user wants, using a dialogue, and consequently carry out all actions that follow from the user’s request. In case the system cannot perform all actions automatically (for example because an authorised person has to sign a contract first), KnowledgeBox can be used to semi-automatically handle follow-up actions. The business intelligence built into the system not only speeds up the processes (and thus helps users a lot faster!), but also prevents miscommunication or unnecessary actions.


KnowledgeBox is a smart combination of the dialogue system and a business intelligence module. In a first step the user formulates his request in his own natural language. The dialogue module interrogates the user and articulates and clarifies the user’s request. In case the user’s request involves more than just a need for information (for example: can you help me, I need to go on a business trip, and I need a new passport quickly), the system will invoke the necessary follow-up actions to fulfil the request. In this way, both answering a question and carrying out the necessary actions can take place in just a few minutes.


One information counter

Prevent your users being sent from one counter to another

Your users/customers are helped from one place, without having to be sent from one place to another.

One treatment

Safe time!

Your users/customers are helped at once, and will not have to come back again.

Extremely short learning curve for your helpdesk

Use your personnel efficiently

With KnowledgeBox all employees, whether experienced or not, will profit from the internal business intelligence of the system. This means that new employees or internships can work with the system immediately, without any background knowledge.

Always available

Stay in contact with your target group

In many cases KnowledgeBox can be tuned to function without human intervention, which means that you can support your users/customers on 24×7-basis, without any additonal costs. Customers are helped directly and quickly, which strongly reduces frustration.