Social Media Intelligence is the automatic analysis and interpretation of messages appearing in social media, particularly with respect to the sentiments of people writing about various social subjects, products, companies and persons. Together with their Brazilian counterpart Irion has developed an intelligent social media analyser called Sentimonitor, which allows for sentiment detection in both social media sources, like twitter and Facebook, and other news media.

On a daily basis, and fully automatically, Sentimonitor analyses thousands of tweets, blogs and news items, discovering whether your organisation, your products, or even you are discussed positively, negatively, or neutral. Sentimonitor lets you quickly detect your impact in society.

The Power of Sentimonitor

Sentimonitor is a web service reachable through your browser without any need for advance installation, and giving access to a multitude of places on the Internet where you, your organisation, your products or services are mentioned.

With Sentimonitor you can collect these mentions in a very simple and straightforward way, and let them be processed linguistically to automatically detect their underlying sentiments. Without having to go through thousands of mentions manually, you can generate graphical representations of the detected ‘landscape’ of sentiments, with just a few mouse clicks. This whole process takes no more than a few minutes

How does it work

Sentimonitor requires no installation or configuration at your side: it comes with a graphical user interface that can be launched in your browser as soon as you have an account. By simply following the next three steps you will have your monitoring available:

  1. Select your sources. Pick out your from a range of sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Blogs, etc.
  2. Make a query. Just like typing your query in Google, you can type in the topics you are interested in.
  3. Save your monitoring. Save all your selected settings and query keywords, so that the system can startcollecting the information for you. Once you have saved your monitoring, the system will collect information for you on a daily basis, analyze it linguistically to discover the sentiments hidden in the texts, and prepare it for visualization at any time you want.


Most important features

  • Influencers: Better results, less effort. 20% of users are responsible for 80% of the content and influence in the social networks. Home in your efforts on the top supporters and detractors of your clients to achieve more with less!
  • Top posts: focus on what matters. Rankings by date, reach, virality and engagement allow you to pay attention to the posts that really impact your clients.
  • Visualization: unveil the stories. Slice, dice and drill down to the core of trends, themes and emerging crises, informed by Key Performance Indicators for activity, impressions and virality on Twitter, Facebook and other social channels!
  • Last but not least: the price! The great thing about Sentimonitor is that you only pay for what you use. There are no startup fees, you can start immediately after the purchase of a bundle, and may use it at any time you like. Sentimonitor bundles are available from € 50,- !